Shanghai Soup Dumplings

What is Shanghai soup Dumplings

Shanghai Soup dumplings( xiao long bao ) is one of the most famous cuisine in China. It is a kind of soup-filled dumplings with a very thin skin. The paper-thin skin enveloping perfectly seasoned pork fullings and hot, flavorful soup.“>http://

To find the best ShangHai soup-filled dumplings-in Melbourne is not quite easy. The reason is that the soup-filled dumplings is very popular so lots of restaurant begin to serving it to customers. And It is difficult to taste all of them and tell which one is the most authentic one.

What is Melbourne’s best soup dumplings?

Here are two of Melbourne’s best soup dumpling with a decent price. One named :New Shanghai, the other named Shanghai street food.

Service : The staff of these two restaurant are fast and professional. They run nonstop and  always on the eye out to clear plates for you on the table. But In New Shanghai, the professionals rolling, stretching and stuffing these little dumplings before their customer’s eyes. These little miracles comes flying fast from furiously nimble hands of the chefs on show in the clear-glassed kitchen.


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Eating environment :

New Shanghai is located in Emporium Shopping center Level 3 with over 90 full service set. It is decorated by red and black lacquered wood, flags and 1930s Shanghai posters. Shanghai Street food is located in China Town with a much longer history in making shanghai soup dumplings than New Shanghai.Comparing with queuing at Shanghai Street, the time of queuing at New Shanghai is much more short than it in Shanghai Street.

Although there are various kinds of fillings for the soup dumplings( xiao long bao ), the most popular meat are pork or a mixture of pork with the meat and roe from Shanghai’s famed hairy crab.

Both of these two restaurant offer these two main types of soup dumplings, regular pork soup dumplings and hairy crab meat soup dumplings. The former are similar to those in other restaurant, but the crab soup dumplings served in New Shanghai is different from those Shan hai street served.

New Shanghai’s crab soup dumplings are more smaller and exquisites than those served in Shanghai street. Both of these two crab dumplings are stuffed with tiny shreds of sweet crab meat. However, Shanghai street crab soup dumplings has more sweet crab-meat than New Shanghai’s crab soup dumplings have. But with more crab meat does not mean taste much better. Actually it is really hard to tell which one taste better, as different people have difference preference. Personally I prefer to eat New Shanghai’s crab meat dumplings. Although the size of it is not as big as the one in Shanghai street but it has a perfect percentage mixture of pork and crab meat. The New Shanghai’s Xao long Bao contains more soup than Shanghai Street ones contain. And Shanghai street soup dumplings taste more sweet than New Shanghai’s dumpling.

Therefore, if you like to eat Shanghai soup dumpling with a sweet flour and contains more crab meat and few soup, Shanghai street food is a better choice for you. While if you prefer to eat small, juicy and less sweet one, the New Shanghai would be a good choice for you .

So these Shanghai Soup dumplings mentioned above probably are not mind-blowing, but they are good, authentic and with a decent price. So if you have any questions about Shanghai soup dumplings please leave a comment for me and I will reply you as soon as possible^_^


New Shanghai

Emporium Melbourne, Level Three, 287 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne
phone number 03 9994 9386
Shanghai Street Restaurant 
146 Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
phone number 

03 9662 3226

Shanghai Soup Dumplings”的一个响应

  1. Hey! Looks delicious! I loveeee xiao long bao. Thanks for the tips, I’m always looking for a good one! By the way, if I didnt speak mandarin, I wouldn’t have known where to comment. Perhaps you should include a translation so that english speakers know where to comment?
    Anne Marie aka drinkyspice

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Comparing with the one in china town, I more likely to eat at New Shanghai. Coz just as the post said the soup dumplings in new Shanghai taste more juicy


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