Chinese Hamburger

Historically Xian was once the most bustling and flourishing city in the world, 13 dynasties had its capital built here. The whole world gathered together here, bought different delicious food from everywhere, until today here is still the staple food paradise to the Chinese


Chinese hamburger (clip-bun with meat) is one of the most famous staple food in xian and even in the great china


The following video is about the chinese hamburger and how popular it is in china.

In this video you will notice that there is a long queue for purchasing the Chinese hamburger. And the the reason that makes the straight-forward Guan-zhong forks waiting patiently it can be the “Chinese hamburger”(clip-bun with meat)

In Xi’an Bun is the most common staple food. and Chinese hamburger is the most classic way to eat. Chinese hamburger is a brilliant combination of two kinds of food. white Bun and stewed meat. The white Buns in Xian are backed with fire, and added in over 30 types of seasoning, the slow-cooked meat soft and rich. The plain flavor of the white bun makes the taste of the meat even more outstanding“>http://

If you want to try the Chinese hamburger in Melbourne , urban spoon can be a good guide for you. There are  two Xian restaurants in urban spoon, one is located in Box hill named Shaanxi-Style Restaurant, with 3.5 ranking. The other is on Russel street, named Xi’an Famous , with a lower ranking 3.0. if you just fellow the ranking , you would more likely to choose the box hill one, however actually you can enjoy the more authentic Chinese hamburger in Xi’an Famous (the CBD one ) with a more fairly price.

Both of these restaurants had negative reviews in urban spoon. For Xi’an Famous (CBD one), the negative review is mainly about its unqualified customer service. One customer complained about his 30 minutes waiting and non-existing service, while from my personal experience I think that was just an unique case. I have been to that restaurant over seven times, and I never have that kind of experience before,so I do believe maybe at that day there was something  emergency happened with its staff management.

Shaanxi-Style Restaurant also has some negative reviews about its serving, however as I just being there once, so I have no right to comment its service. But actually customer service is not the only problem to this restaurant. My friends who come from Xi’an told me that the Chinese hamburger and other Xi’an food in Shaanxi-Style Restaurant( the box hill one ) are not as authentic as the one in CBD, maybe few years before, the food there was tasted good, but now compared with Xi’an famous , it has no advantage in the favor and even with more higher price.. Therefore, the Xi’an Famous would be the best choice for eating Chinese hamburger and other Xi’an food.

I normally order the pork chinese hamburger with one secret made cold wheat flour noodle. And I really recommendend you guys try this comboon when you go there^_^

phone number 
03 9663 3993

Chinese Hamburger”的一个响应

  1. Thanks for the name of the CBD restaurant. Will check it out and try the chinese hamburgers. Not into pork, but maybe they also have chicken.

    1. Thanks for you comment^_^
      actually they don’t have chicken flavour
      but they got beef and lamb flavour
      hop you will like it

  2. Wow. I did not know there was a thing called chinese hamburgers. Interesting mix of cultural food. I’m going to check it out at Xi’an Famous on Russell St.


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