Lan-Zhou hand-pull beef noodle

The morning in Lan-zhou starts with a bowl of beef noodles soup. Here where the Huanghe River across there are over 1000 Muslim hand-pulled noodles restaurants. Every day, over a million bowls of beef noodles soup are eaten. The flexible texture and piping hot are the main factors that Lan-Zhou hand –pulled noodles is being appreciated.

A century years ago, a Muslim called Ma-Bao-Zi, pour the soup, and then the hot-pot noodles’ gone very popular. All the steps operate manually. Ma-Wen-Bin is the 4th generation of the Lan-Zhou hand –pulled noodles restaurant. He has been working in the restaurant over 40 years. To have the noodles come out in different sizes ( wide, Medium, Thin, Extra thin). Arm has to be strong as well as the strength control that has to be strong yet with gentleness“>http://

The clearness and turbidity of the beef soup are two of the keys to justify the genuineness of the beef noodle soup. The best beef noodles soup should have five features: clear and smooth soup, clean and clear daikon, sharp red chili oil, fresh green vegetable, bright yellow noodles. Ma-Bao-Zi creatively added in “Penghui water” when he was making dough.( penghui is the ash of a type of plant called pengfeng and the ash contains potassium carbonate) that makes the dough mote elastic.


Noodle kingdom, as I know, probably is the only one restaurant served Lan-Zhou hand-pull beef noodle in Melbourne. People could watch the chief noodle-maker making hand-pulled flour noodles in the front window at any branch of noodle Kingdom. All the noodles are cooked fresh to order. The healthy broth is made from a stock of beef bones and Chinese herbs simmered overnight in a 120 litre pot.


When you read the reviews on urban spoon you would see that Some people said that they felt thirsty after they eat the food there. Actually myself and my friend felt thirsty as well, which  suggest they use a liberal hand with ol’MSG. However my friends and I do not mind a bit flavor enhancer here and there, but if you are sensitive it might be something to check up on. Moreover in some negative review, people mentioned the dumplings there taste not good. I agree with them, so do not order the dumplings when you eat there. The Hand-pulled nodles is the most recommended dishes there.

All in all, from my point of view, as the only one restaurant to serve the Lan-Zhou Hand-pulled beef noodle in Melbourne, it already did quite good job. Those negative reviews do exist, but this restaurant still be a good restaurant and the only restaurant for eating those noodles. Since different branch have different rank in urban spoon, and based on the rank and my personal experience, the original one in preston may still be the best.


469 High Street, Preston, Melbourne, VIC

Phone number 

03 9478 8885

Lan-Zhou hand-pull beef noodle”的一个响应

  1. I have been there before and it recalls my memory of eating beef noodle in lan Zhou


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