Dessert story

If you are looking for something bit different, you should try the Dessert Story. This dessert restaurant is dedicated to Taiwanese and Hong Kong desserts.

The dessert in the following video is similar with the ones served in Dessert Story. From this video you can get an direct view about how the dessert looks like“>http://

Dessert Story has a very colorful menu. Their menu features more than 100 types of Asian street deserts ranging from hot and cold sweet soup to ice cold snow desserts.

I personally like the snow ice series which is the perfect desert for an hot summer day. As it comes in large proportion, so the best way to eat it is share with your friend or get ready to plough through the ice mountain. The price range for the ice series are from $8-10$. My recommendation are the mango milk snow or shaved ice, mango pudding and milk snow ice with red bean, and pearl.

As an mango lover, I personally strongly recommend the mango snow ice with popping pearls.


Though its price maybe a bit higher than the price of other dessert, it is definitely a good choice !!! The texture of the shaved ice was smooth, and it taste almost like ice cream meanwhile, it also got a good portion of fresh mango. Before I had this dessert, I never heard of popping pearls, but now I find the texture was so interesting. When you eat it , it just like having a mini explosion in your month. This was one of my friend and myself favourite dessert and gone within no time.

The taro dessert is another speciality dessert in the dessert story. It comes with taro balls as the main ingredient and then you can choose the different combination of sides like taro mash, grass jelly, herb jelly pearls and beans. Other main options include mango series, shaved ice series and tofu pudding series (a popular dessert typically found in Hongkong).

The fellowing picture is about the herbjelly ice, taro balls and cream. Actually except the taro balls , there were in fact more items: sweet patato balls( yellow), and pearls( balck)


The sweet patato and taro balls were chewy, but has no taste to it,as it means to be eaten together with the syrup in the bowl. The pearls also chewy, and has no taste either. For those who are not aware of these mysterious black balls, they are the pearls which you find in the bubble teas ,like one you find at cha time( one shop sells chinese drink)The herbal jelly ice is very similar to grass jelly, however it has herbal properties.

If you are a fan of warm dessert, you can choose the taro series, glutinous rice, mixed pudding and tofu pudding and etc

If you are not into the dessert, then you can choose fruit smoothies, traditional Hongkong and Taiwanese style drinks to quench your thirsity.

I’m so glad there’s now an authentic Asian dessert place in Melbourne! and if you guys have chance, you definitely should try the Mango shave ice !!!


195 Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone Number 
03 9650 7776
72 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Melbourne, VIC
phone number: 03 9561 8884
Highpoint Shopping Centre, Level 3, 120-200 Rosamond Road, VIC
Phone number :03 9317 3889

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    1. ^_^ Thanks for your comments. But it still got other branch left. Actually I only been to the ones in the City and never have a chance to try other branch’s Dessert. I guess probably they taste the same ?*_<


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