Hi there. My name is shiyao Zheng and welcome to my blog.

When I came to Melbourne I found there are tons of Chinese restaurants here, but actually it is not easy for locals or other foreigners, or to some extent, even for Chinese themselves to find tasty authentic Chinese food among these restaurants in Melbourne. People often use urbenspoon as their eating out guide, I used it like a bible to guide me to place to eat when I was new to Melbourne as well.

While later I found that the rankings and some reviews there are little bit biased, some were being underpraised some were being overpraised.

So I decide to start this blog ,A bite of China in Melbourne, to introduce the restaurants which provide the most authentic Chinese food with a fair price in Melbourne.

So thanks for dropping by and I’d love to hear from you ! Feel free to connect with me if you have any ideas or questions or specific Chinese food you’d like me to cover on the blog.


  1. I like Chinese food, but often there is too much added MSG which leaves me with headaches. Would be good to know of great Chinese restaurants in Melbourne that don’t do this.

    When I was working in China, I found some of the food quite oily…but maybe they were trying to cater for Westerners. There was one place we ate at in the Gobi Desert that had great authentic Chinese food (for that province).

    1. Thanks for your comments ^_^
      yep I agree with you that chinese restaurant like to use MSG. >_< but I already get used to it and it is hard for me to fell MSG unless the restaurant put tooo much


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